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I`m personally upset because RDJ is negotiating to "co-star" in Cap3, and we know that means, he will get highest paycheck & the first title, just technicalities but all unfair to the star of those movies (Evans). if it were Thor & Cap teaming up, it would be great, they would both share the screen & would be real co-star like Black Widow was to Cap in TWS. which by the way that movie was so good as a stand alone movie, that Cap 3 didn`t need all the crossover they are making.

Captain America & Tony Stark actually need to be in a solo movie together and its about time. In the comics these 2 dysfunctional relationship play a big role in not just the Avengers but the entire universe. Thor & Black Widow, Hawkeye etc …do not hold the same weight as these 2. I’m sorry to say it like that but they just don’t. Plus Iron Man & Captain America have the best solo films in the MCU. Another reason why Marvel/Disney/Sony are rumored to try & work out something for Spiderman because he to has a significant role in this story arc. As much as some people don’t like it, Tony Stark is a huge part of Marvel Comics & Films. Like Batman he also finances the Avengers. Captain America is the leader. It’s sort of like a Batman/Superman thing. These are the 2 most popular Marvel hero’s in this world(minus Spiderman). Its only right they appear in a solo film together. My thing is wait & see where this goes. They probably will most likely not adapt the same civil war story in the movie. Marvel(like they always do) are probably planting the seeds to this story for more buildup. There has been buildup to this story since the first Iron Man movie. I don’t think Marvels plan is to throw other actors aside but to tell a overall story arc.

Sorry but this is just how I feel:

I used to really like Benedict Cumberbatch especially around 2010/2011ish. But over the last year & a half, I’ve been completely meh about him. He sometimes comes off as pretentious & I don’t really like his attitude towards certain things. He has said some problematic things & I’m not the type of person to defend someone’s every breath. Even if I am fan of someone. This new Out interview is not my reason for not really liking him anymore. Like I said he’s been annoying me for a while now. It’s always something with him every time he does an interview/press tour.

Iron Man In Captain America 3

Why the hell are people upset about Iron Man being in Captain America 3??? Hellooooo this is a shared universe. These characters are bound to show up in each others movies. Just like the comics. I was just having a conversation with someone the other day about how Marvel should be doing more crossover movies. We NEED more characters crossing over more often in this Cinematic Universe to set up the future. Stop jumping to conclusions & shut up. Wait & see where this goes before you get upset about something you don’t know all the details of. Marvel Studios/Disney always have a trick up their sleeves. Calm the fuck down.

I actually like Michael Phelps. Because of him & his amazing talent, I became interested in the sport of swimming. So I will always respect him for that. BUT I am saying this as a big fan, he needs to do some jail time. This is his SECOND DUI & I’m sorry but that is just not something to defend. Yes I get the argument that he is human & we all make mistakes, BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive proper punishment for your actions. There are consequences in life. Not only could he have killed himself but he also could have killed someone else. I am sensitive to this situation because I had a friend in high school who was killed by a drunk driver.
He needs to face proper punishment for his actions. No slap on the wrist either. I’m talking suspension, jail time & sponsors taken away. Maybe he has a problem? Maybe its psychological? Maybe rehabilitation? I don’t know.

He is 29 years old. Almost 30. It’s time to grow up & stop making dumb decisions that you know can possibly land you in a lot of trouble. I still like him but he is an idiot.


It’s really fucking annoying when guys act like girls aren’t allowed to like sports, or that the only reason we watch sports is to impress them. So many dumb tweets on twitter like “oh so girls like football now?” “Girls please don’t watch or talk about football” or my favorite, “girls who act like they like football<.” Like the fuck, I’m not sitting here watching sports to get your dick hard, I’m doing it because I like it. Fuck off